Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian Accident Services

Pedestrian Accident Services

It’s one of the most frightening scenarios: You’re out walking and enjoying the day, or walking to your car after a long day at work, or even worse, you’re holding your child’s hand on the way to the local park when out of nowhere you’re involved in an accident with a vehicle. The person behind the wheel is, of course, most likely liable and you’ve sustained injuries. If this has happened to you or someone you love, you need pedestrian accident services from an established MRI & Physical Rehabilitation Facility.

Even if you feel like you haven’t been injured and you walked away unharmed, there is still the chance that an injury or other kind of trauma can appear later on. Think about it. Getting struck by an automobile is one of the scariest things that can happen to anyone. This means that adrenaline will be flowing. If you did indeed sustain an injury, you might not feel it because your body is pumped full of adrenaline, a natural pain killer. The truth is, you may not even feel the affects of the accident until days, weeks, or even years later. That’s why it’s important to always get examined after a pedestrian accident with a vehicle.

Don’t wait for the pain or complications to begin before you start treatment for a pedestrian related accident. At Personal Injury Care we will go over any symptoms you may be having since the accident, such as headaches, sore muscles, or neck pain. We will conduct the latest tests to look deeper for any underlying causes you are feeling now or could experience in the future due to the pedestrian car accident. If you were treated right after the accident, we will take a look at those medical files as well.

Being concerned about your health in the short-term and long-term after being the victim of a pedestrian accident is no laughing matter. In fact, the state of Arizona ranks number three when it comes to pedestrian deaths in 2016. The number of deaths was almost 6,000 in 2016 and many are contributed to distracted driving.

When a vehicle strikes a pedestrian, it is typically the driver’s fault. That means when there is an injury sustained from the crash, your medical bills will be covered by the driver’s insurance. At Personal Injury Care we will bill the at-fault driver for all of your medical treatment. To learn more about what we can offer you after you have sustained an injury from a pedestrian accident, call our friendly staff at 844-742-2731. We can answer your questions and help you book an appointment. Call us today.

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